When COVID-19 announced its arrival, on-site schooling ceased. Learning stalled alongside it and revealed just how essential school really is. But if the whole apparatus of school is indispensable, it is the result of an underhand operation perpetrated by the institution itself.

‘Schools Must Remain Open’

Political leaders of all stripes were adamant that schools must remain open throughout the pandemic. The children’s commissioner for England said that schools must be the last to close and the first to reopen. Their central concerns are learning loss and a widening attainment gap.

It took an overwhelming new wave of the virus…

My brother and his girlfriend have elected to Americanise the gestation period of their baby with a ‘gender reveal’ — well, his girlfriend has, the damp dishcloth just going along with it.

So here we all are with nibbles and drinks, in a room adorned with simplistic symbolism, awaiting the pop of a balloon, out of which will rain confetti. Blue for a boy. Pink for a girl. I endure through both ears the guests most delighted to be here, who inform me in absolute terms that boys are like this and girls are like that.

I field a question,

The British people cast their votes in little over a week, and most indications have the Conservative Party in line to hold the largest number of parliamentary seats — which may or may not amount to a parliamentary majority. If, as the thirteenth December morning thaws, a Tory victory is declared, it will be owing to a mass thoughtlessness abetted by a campaign of evasion and howling lack of detail — alongside misinformation. This is not to scoff at the common electorate. It is an observable phenomenon.

The Conservative Party campaign pushes the slogan “Get Brexit Done” as its key…

In Defence of Lads-On-Tour and Other Such Holidays

A Philosophical Comment on the Reality and Unreality of Tourist Experiences

I do not advocate lads-on-tour and other such holidays, nor do I find them attractive; I am not disposed to enjoy burning by the pool, eating full English breakfast in my swimming trunks and swaggering down the strip dispensing banter and drinking extraordinary mixes of alcohol from buckets and fishbowls. …

Aron Fowler

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